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Introducing: the 21 Henry van de Velde Award Winners 2020. Vote now for the Henry van de Velde Public Gold Award 2020!
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The Henry van de Velde Awards showcase and applaud national and international Flemish designers, enterprises, products, projects and services which, as a result of their design or their solution of a given problem, have a positive impact on the economy and society. The Henry van de Velde Awards are widely supported thanks to the shared vision of a professional jury with considerable expertise in the industry. The official award ceremony on 22 January, exhibition in BOZAR (23 January - 29 March) and accompanying publication make the Henry van de Velde Awards a true platform for Flemish design. 12 Henry van de Velde Gold Awards and 14 Henry van de Velde Awards are distributed. Designers, companies and organisations could register for the following categories: Business Innovation - Collaborative - Consumer - Design-led Crafts - Digital Product - Graphic & Communication - Habitat. Five categories one couldn't register for: Young Talent - Ecodesign Award by OVAM - Company - Lifetime Achievement - Public Award.

Discover who will win the Henry van de Velde Gold Award 2020 on 22 January in each category. 11 of the 12 Gold Award Winners are decided by the jury, but you decide who will win the Henry van de Velde Public Gold Award 2020. Vote now for your favorite and make the difference. 

Gold winners
The Waterbench © Standaert Design
Public Award 2020
Barco Demetra © Verhaert
Business Innovation Award 2020
B401 Bruggenbouwers © Heren Loebas
Graphic & Communication Award 2020
Sportkompas © Studio Dott
Digital Product Award 2020
Oase © Bailleul Ontwerpbureau
Collaborative Award 2020
de Vibe © Pars Pro Toto
Consumer Award 2020
Hey Jute © Alexander Marinus
Crafts by Bokrijk Award 2020
The Light Machine © RotorGroup
Habitat Award 2020
Niko © Niko
Company Award 2020
Erik Sijmons © Samsonite
Lifetime Achievement Award 2020
Comrades @ Studio Plastique
Young Talent Award 2020
Ecover © Ecover
Ecodesign by OVAM Award 2020
Verhaert, Barco Demetra


Barbara Standaert, The Waterbench, Dagmar Heymans

The Waterbench

Alexander Marinus, Hey Jute, Ronald Smits

Hey Jute

Dear Reader, Helblauw, Thomas Meinecke (c) Dear Reader,

Helblauw, Thomas Meinecke

Jonas callewaert / Studio Dott, sportkompas I Like, Laurens Vandevyver, Studio Dott


Bureau BoschBerg. Opera Vlaanderen

Opera Vlaanderen seizoen 2018/2019

Heren Loebas. Bruggenbouwers, Peter Van de Sijpe, Heren Loebas

B401 Bruggenbouwers

Yellow Window. GymnaPRO behandelbank, Gymna, Gymna

Gymna PRO

Atelier Ben Storms:Twin Mirros:Ben Storms :©Ben Storms

Twin Mirrors

Christophe Todts

Toddler Zoo

Vibe 01 - pars pro toto


David Morgan, IXZO, Liesbeth Bruyneel, LeapForward

IXZO! - Innovative learning platform

Yellow Window. eMeterConnect, Yellow Window, Yellow Window

The EMC (Electronic Meter Connect)

Workshop - fotograaf Selma Gurbuz


David Morgan, Woningpas, Mockup, Knight Moves


Arne Desmet, Victor Popov, Touchswitch, copyright: Niko


Achilles Design - Morrow - Active Glasses - 01


Bernard Rommens - Light Machine - Verne - Rotorgroup

The Light Machine

Filip Janssens - Lunair Filip - Janssens


Bailleul Ontwerpbureau, Oase (beleefoase), fotograaf (copyright): Britt Gysen


Zyzo (Foto: Keoon Antwerpen)