Edition 2016

The Henry van de Velde Awards are the longest running, yearly and most prestigious design awards in Belgium.

The Henry van de Velde Awards started in 1994. Since then, society and design have changed considerably. 

The focus of the Henry van de Velde Awards remains on the designer and the companies. Designers, because creative people remain the driving for for creation, and companies, because they enable a lot of creations. This means that Flanders DC( before Design Vlaanderen) keeps awarding the Henry van de Velde Lifetime Achievement Award, the Henry van de Velde Company Award and the Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award. These winners were awarded on 19 January 2017 in BOZAR.


As an answer to the changing society, Flanders DC, in partnership with the OVAM, focusses on products, projects or services (partially) based on a design methodology or design attitude, that offer an answer to contemporary questions. In other words, we focus on the value and impact of design on our economy, our society and on the climate, today and the future. Enter the Design Solution Awards. These are the categories of: OVAM Ecodesign PRO, Efficiency, Life Quality, Feel Good, Communication, Better Health, Collective en Design Research. Click here for more information on the categories.

1400 people attended the award ceremony on January 19th in BOZAR, Brussels. That same evening, a free exhibition was opened in BOZAR, running from 20 January until 19 March 2017. 21.000 visitors saw the exhibition.

Namahn-partners Kristel Van Ael and Joannes Vandermeulen
Lifetime Achievement
Het Rotor Deconstruction Team - Foto Rotor
Pieter-Jan Pieters, Owow
Young Talent
Atmosphere during the workshops
Design Research
Disarming Design from Palestine
Haspencubes, Frédéric Boonen for Haspenwood - Photo Erik Meylemans
INGA Wellbeing, Fiona Mc Greal for INGA Wellbeing - Foto INGA Wellbeing
Better Health
Maggie Shelter, door DMOA - Foto Benjamin Denef DMOA
Life Quality
MARTA, door vzw Ondergrond, Foto Rizon Parein
Memory Stone, Axel Enthoven (Yellow Window) voor Memory Stone - Foto: Hans Fonc
Feel Good
Dismantling and reuse of interior fittings at the former headquarters of BNP Paribas Fortis on Warandeberg (2014-2016) - Photo:Rotor
OVAM Ecodesign PRO
StandUp Nomad door Jaswig - Foto: John-Morgan Galeyn
Public Design Award
Rotor Deconstruction

Rotor Deconstruction

charlotte vanhoutte. burenmuur overzicht.


Marta, copyright Pil Studio


Frédéric Boonen. Haspencubes, Erik Meylemans.


Aalst, stad met zicht op zorg. Suzan Bijloo Studio Dott.


DMOA, Maggie Shelter Proof of Concept - Steenokkerzeel maart 2016, Benjamin Denef, DMOA

de Maggie Shelter

We kopen samen den Oudaan, dag van de Architectuur 2015, Copyright: We kopen samen den Oudaan

We kopen samen den Oudaan

Linde Hermans, Camp Carré, Kristof Vrancken, Kristof Vrancken

Camp Carré

Designer - Fiona Mc Greal, Product - INGA Wellbeing collection, Photographer - Les Marquisettes, copyright holder - INGA Wellbeing

INGA Wellbeing

Studio Peter Van Riet, Create Meaningful Stuf, Studio Peter Van Riet, Studio Peter Van Riet

Create Meaningful Stuff

MAXIMALdesign - TIMBTRACK TPM Track'r - copyright MAXIMALdesign

TIMBTRACK tree measuring device TPM Track'r

Adriaan Debruyne, "Muti", Fotografie Medio's, Medio's©

AMIS - A'Muze

ontwerpers: Philippe en Thibaut Lampe, Lampe_textiles, product: Squid, fotograaf: Thibaut Lamp (tevens hoduer van de copywright)e


MAXIMALdesign - ETAP E4 LED lichtlijn - copyright ETAP

ETAP LED continuous-row lighting system


BEDNET unit - mobile solution

studio segers, step up, Kris Dimitriadis


Hanne De Wyngaert, QUE ONDA VOS rug Ayahuasca Stone, Mathias Hannes, © QUE ONDA VOS


Grada International NV, Imaginair RLV, Aaron Lapeirre, Grada International NV

Imaginair RLV

RE—DO, Overzichtsfoto, Arno de Pooter © redopapers


Axel Enthoven, memory stone1, hans fonc, memory stone


Hannes Bernard (ZA), SOCCER KEFFIYEH, (foto Céline Callens)

Disarming Design from Palestine

stefan schöning. tijdcapsule, copyright vilda

Sigmaplan Time Capsules

Ief Spincemaille

There is the sun

Mathias Ellegiers, Jaswig BVBA, The Nomad, John-Morgan Galeyn, Jaswig BVBA

StandUp Nomad

Bahamontes, Pjotr Grafisch Ontwerp voor Heeren Vertrekt, foto Pjotr