Name of agency
Dirk Wynants Design Works
Name of designer(s)
Dirk Wynants
Name of company
Extremis nv
226 x 238 x 206/223 cm
Gestructureerd gepoederlakte inox (Baleinen), PU coated polyester (doek)
Poederlakken, Galvaniseren

in the category

Consumer Award

Acacia is a compact, asymmetric parasol that provides you with shade wherever you want it. Like the African tree of the same name, thanks to its eccentric shape, it manages to capture as much sunshine as a larger specimen despite its small textile surface. The parasol-shaped crown of the African Acacias is an evolutionary adaptation that allows as much sun as possible to be captured with as small a canopy as possible.

Instead of closing, the cloth is simply removed and stored away. What remains is a kind of sculpture inspired by the branches of the African tree of the same name. After sunset, the integrated lighting under the parasol cloth creates a warm atmosphere. Inspired by a simple torch, simplicity also prevails with the integrated, rechargeable LED module.

The recognisable tree sculpture redesigns your garden, patio or even the lunch room at your office.