Barco UniSee®

LCD video wall platform


Name of agency
Barco Designteam
Name of designer(s)
Tom Dewaele
Name of company
683.1 x 1213.6 x 125mm
LCM panel + UniSee Mount

in the category

Business Award

With the Barco UniSee® platform, Barco has completely redesigned and optimised every part of a LCD video wall solution. During a design-driven innovation process, in which - at every step - all that was superfluous was omitted and the necessary simplifications made, the design team came up with a solution which has a superior picture quality which, moreover, is self-aligning and easy to install and operate.

Barco UniSee is designed for constant performance under a variety of indoor conditions and delivers an unprecedented viewing experience. Thanks to the extremely narrow space between the panels, so inconspicuous that an almost seamless video wall is created, the viewer’s attention is focused entirely on the content displayed on the large screen. With an industry-leading uniformity of more than 95% over the entire wall and a brightness of 800 nits, Barco UniSee produces a high-quality picture and a vivid colour reproduction, regardless of the ambient light.

Because of the ageing of the panels, the image quality of a video wall can deteriorate over time and irregular colours can appear in the various panels. To prevent these distortions, Barco offers its automatic Sense X calibration software that continuously measures and adjusts the colour and brightness levels of the different panels, where necessary, to guarantee an optimal and consistent colour and brightness uniformity across the entire wall at all times.

The new assembly system ensures easy installation and perfect alignment of the panels without damaging their fragile edges. By using gravity, the perfect opening in X, Y and Z directions can be guaranteed and the basis for an ideal video wall can be made even from the most uneven wall. Coloured design elements indicate the touchpoints for the user, simplifying installation and operation.

The Barco UniSee® platform can be customised to support multiple user-driven assembly configurations, such as portrait or landscape format, support, with or without dual power supply to guarantee 24/7 continuity.

The result is an LCD video wall platform that provides an excellent and uninterrupted picture quality for use in control rooms, the counters and reception areas of companies, in large meeting rooms and in many other professional environments where visualisation plays an important role.