Portable measuring device for dermatologists


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Verhaert - Barco
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Business Innovation Award 2020

Barco Demetra is a breakthrough in the world of dermatology. As a digital dermatoscope, Demetra is one of a kind. It combines the best of analogue and digital image processing in a flexible, wireless handheld device. With only one device, dermatologists can take any kind of picture: dermoscopic images as well as clinical close up and overview pictures. Moreover Demetra is more than just a dermatoscope. The solution is a complete “skin imaging platform”. The device captures the images, which are then automatically saved in the correct patient file in the cloud and can be reviewed and analyzed using a specific web application. This makes mapping, follow-up, and comparison of skin images smoother and smarter.

Demetra is a new value proposition in a market which is new to Barco, but has been developed based on Barco’s technological expertise. The medical market is very demanding and critical, that’s exactly why product scope and positioning are the key to success. Every detail counts!

Demetra is co-developed with leading dermatologists. The ergonomics and value proposition were validated during the iterative and user-centric design process. The hardware design as well as the graphical user interface were tested several times with professional users. All details, such as colors, materials and buttons were carefully considered.

Taking into account the constraints when developing a medical device, such as biocompatible plastics and the need to be able to disinfect the device, a lot of attention was paid to the sustainability of Demetra. For example, the energy consumption and weight are low, and the packaging was optimized.