Gymna PRO



Name of designer(s)
Eric Govers
Ilka Tuinstra
Name of agency
Yellow Window
Name of company
45 x 67 x 206 cm
staal, aluminium, polyurethaan (kunstleder)
buig-, las-, stanswerk en stoffering

in the category

Business Innovation Award 2020

“An everyday product is allowed to be special,'' this is Gymna’s credo. During the development of the new treatment table stretcher, the purpose was to look critically at the traditional treatment table stretcher and to reinvent this one. Besides the design, the needs of the patient and the physiotherapist were taken into consideration. Using new techniques, materials and improvements, innovative solutions came up and proffered for everyday problems. The result is a Gymna created treatment tablestretcher that stands out on different levels.The treatment tabel stretcher looks more like a piece of furniture than a machine because of the rounded and easy to use details, instead of hard industrial components. Also the hidden mechanics and built-in LED-lighting play an important role. The sealed basis is easier to clean and ensures extra hygiene.

The upgraded arm support functionality provides a more ergonomic position of the patient. Together with the new Ergomax cushion for the face and the wireless cushion heating, the patient gets extra comfort.

Because of the revolutionary Constant Patient Position concept, the patient can take any position on a three-piece table without turning all the time.

Because of the solid and stable construction the table barely bends under stress and it barely moves, so there is no loss of energy during the treatment. The lateral support gives the physiotherapist more freedom of movement and this also makes it possible to manage an ideal working posture.

For easy, accurate and safe adjustment, there is an intelligent, by foot operable system where it is possible to set a programmable memory function, easy to use with a remote-controller. There is an extra option for motors to adjust these cushions effortlessly, easy to use with a button. This offers comfort for the patient, who doesn’t have to stretch and also for the physiotherapist. The ergonomical switches below the cushion light up in different colors for an up- and downward adjustment, whereby the hand palm lights up. Because of the wide range of models, details and options, each physiotherapist can personalize his own PRO table.