HORST Arts and Music Festival

Volledige identiteit en grafische ondersteuning van het HORST ARTS AND MUSIC FESTIVAL


Name of agency
Ronny en Johny
Name of designer(s)
Ronny Duquenne and Johny Van de Vyver
Name of company
HORST Arts and Music / Onkruid

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Ronny Duquenne and Johny Van de Vyver have worked for the HORST Arts and Music Festival for four years now. HORST combines architecture, music and art in an immersive experience. HORST festival started out as an initiative by a team of young, enthusiastic individuals, but has now grown to become a renowned festival all over the world. Last year, HORST won the Award for Best Electronic Festival at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards. The festival’s graphic identity won second prize in the Best Artwork category.

In addition to the standard carriers used for the graphic identity (posters, flyers, book, etc.), there are countless other visualisations that illustrate the broad aspect of the communication campaign: Facebook posts, animated clips, video, Instagram posts, etc. Everything is produced locally and under strict FSC conditions. However, the sustainability of the project not only extends to the production, but also to the service provision of the graphic design agency. The identity is used as a social tool to involve as many people as possible (internal and external) in the project. Ronny and Johny jointly reflect on the festival’s long-term visual strategy.