Standing wall light


Name of designer(s)
Filip Janssens
Name of agency
Filip Janssens
Name of company
Filip Janssens
165 - 195 x 10 - 30 x 2
Gerecycleerd afval van essenhout of koraalkleurig travertijn
Geschaafd, gezaagd, ingefreesd hout en travertijn
By hand

in the category

Crafts by Bokrijk Award 2020

Lunair is a unique lighting object made of recycled material from leftovers of wood, natural stones and marble. The standing wall light shines indirectly and softly. It puts the beauty of imperfections of recycling material in the spotlight. On the shelf, a ledstrip was assembled as lighting. All the elements can be easily and quickly separated. Each lamp is made of unique leftovers and has different heights and widths. This invites to making new compositions with more lamps in different rest materials with matching colours and patterns.

No varnish or other harmful products are used on the materials. For the material, Filip Janssens asked a local carpentry in Essene, where ashes are processed into shelves. There, he looks between wood residues and chooses the prettiest cortexes. Most of the time these capricious, curved and gnarled outer layers are planed layer by layer on both sides, then they are sanded to become a clean shelf.

Once the design was on point, he started working with other wood-processing companies and natural stone companies (such as Van Den Weghe) to become useful waste material. Same technique was used on small waste stretches travertine and marble that had too many imperfections to be processed traditionally or strips that were just too small to be useful for production. Filip Janssens developed also a smaller hanging version, so he could use very short waste strips as well. Meanwhile Lunair has been noticed internationally and has been listed in the collection of the famous Mint Gallery in London.