Construction systems for connecting elastic rope or band to another material


Name of agency
Bram Kerkhofs Design Studio
Name of designer(s)
Bram Kerkhofs
Name of company
Bram Kerkhofs Design Studio
Various sizes
Elastic rope (polypropylene, latex, ...), aluminum and stainless steel
knitting and weaving, lasercut, finishing techniques
Partly by hand, partly industrial

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ME&ER is a construction system that connects an elastic band or rope to another (sheet) material. The system can be seamlessly integrated both indoors and outdoors in all kinds of structures in which a flexible screen of parallel, vertical ropes or bands can be incorporated. ME&ER is used frequently in customisation: interior objects such as cupboards, bed constructions and lighting, as well as office furniture, furniture for meeting, reception and waiting rooms, etc. Bram Kerkhofs developed a free-standing product: the Coil (a cupboard), the Flex (a modular, flexible room-divider system) and the Nest (a free-standing room-divider system). ME&ER offers the ideal solution for almost any scenario.

With ME&ER, Bram recently launched an ongoing research project in which new forms, possibilities and applications will be developed based on the combination of elastic and sheet material, and in which the focus is on collaboration with companies, designers and students. An initial phase of this project involves researching the possibilities offered by the system based on flat elastic bands of different widths, in which the mutual position of the bands and the intermediate distances can vary based on straight and undulating screens with different radiuses.

ME&ER is, in all its applications, fully modular and can easily be reduced to its initial materials. In this regard, stainless steel and aluminium are highly sustainable choices. The elastic consists of polypropylene or polyethylene, materials that are perfectly recyclable, and latex rubber, a natural product that is, in essence, perfectly recyclable, but also naturally breaks down 100%.