Smart lamp


Name of agency
Studio Dos Santos
Name of designer(s)
David Dos Santos
Name of company
30 x 50 x 50
Different materials / textile - aluminum - plastics - pcb - Led
Different techniques / injection molding - cnc - vacuum forming - sewing - 3Dprinting

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As the population grows and life expectancy improves, an increasing number of elderly people will need care. Nobi believes that we can cope with the challenges of the future by investing in technology that makes people feel happy and safe in their preferred environment for longer.

Nobi’s aim is to enable as many elderly people as possible to continue to live where they want. A place where they feel safe and prefer to live. Nobi is a smart lamp that in the first instance detects a fall and ensures the resident receives rapid assistance. In fact, falling is the main reason why elderly people no longer live independently, and can have far-reaching consequences. Nobi notices when a resident falls and asks whether everything is ok. If it isn’t, it calls a family member or one of his or her trusted contacts. The resident can talk to them via the lamp, without the need for a phone. If necessary, Nobi can even open the front door.

By illuminating the room when a resident gets out of bed, Nobi can help prevent falls. What’s more, Nobi ensures the safety of the resident by detecting fire and break-ins, encouraging him or her to drink enough water on hot days, monitoring air quality and room temperature and noting any change in behavioural patterns. Since the existing ceiling light is replaced by Nobi, installation is simple and does not require any extra wiring. It provides 24/7 monitoring without batteries. The smart lamp fits in any interior and there is a range of finishes to choose from. This means it is discreet and always available. Thanks to the powerful processor, images are analysed in the actual lamp. A smart algorithm ensures that Nobi detects a fall and shares several poses - not images that allow a person to be identified - with the trusted contacts.

The team behind Nobi is currently working on additional applications that can monitor the well-being of elderly people to a greater extent. It means Nobi can lighten the work of caregivers and ensure they can focus on their core mission: to help the elderly lead a happy and comfortable life. Nobi’s smart and discreet designer lamps provide peace of mind for elderly people and their family members while improving care and communication.