PILAR Identity and communication

Identity and communication for the new cultural centre for science and art in Brussels: PILAR


Name of agency
Mahieu & Van den Bossche
Name of designer(s)
Corbin Mahieu and Lennart Van den Bossche
Name of company

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Pilar, the new VUB cultural centre, is an open, artistic lab for young people in Brussels, and a place for cross-pollination between art and science. It serves as a testing ground for art and talent development. Twice a year the centre organises Pilar Asap: a multidisciplinary festival of exhibitions, performances, lectures and workshops. A selection of young artists and musicians that Pilar believes should be on everyone’s radar takes centre stage. As far as communication about the festival is concerned, designers Corbin Mahieu and Lennart Van den Bossche went in search of a typography that embodies the different worlds of Pilar: the historical force and age-old generations of the university on the one hand and the rebellious, punky youngsters of Pilar on the other. The font Bill from 1950 by the artist Max Bill (1908 - 1994) encompasses both elements: it is based on the ancient Cuneiform that was used in temples to transfer knowledge on inscribed stone tablets. The font also leans towards a graffiti-based style that is perfectly suited to the cultural centre’s young, edgy target group. The Mahieu-Van den Bossche duo imposes strict rules for creating a unique visual language, in print as well as online. For example, the letters are always centred and stacked on top of each other, to represent a pillar.