Smappee EV Base

Electric charging system for cars in car parks of large retail premises and commercial buildings.


Name of agency
Smappee nv
Name of designer(s)
Stefan Grosjean
Name of company
Smappee nv
120 x 60 x 15 cm
Solid Core and aluminum
Partly by hand, partly industrial

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Charging the increasing number of electric vehicles is a challenge for owners and managers of large retail premises and commercial buildings. Buildings’ existing electrical infrastructure cannot cope with the additional demand for energy from electric cars. Charging multiple electric cars simultaneously or at any one time can lead to burned-out fuses, damaged circuits and blackouts. What’s more, there is a lack of understanding regarding the charging process and solar power cannot be optimised for the charging sessions. The EV Base by Smappee is a charging point that responds to this challenge.

EV Base is a total solution that allows multiple charging points to be installed within the existing infrastructure without having to worry about the building’s energy supply. The built-in smart charging function ensures optimised car consumption, DC leak detection, autonomous overload protection and customised smart EV schematics. In addition, thanks to the built-in Smappee Infinity technology, companies obtain extensive insight into and control of the energy consumption. The EV Base is easy to install and use thanks to fixed cables. Payment is made via QR codes and integration with eMSP. Thanks to the integrated lighting and design that can be customised, the EV Base charging point represents added value for any business car park.

Besides automatic optimised control of energy flows and optimal use of solar power, the charging point is manufactured from sustainable materials such as Volkern and aluminium. These materials ensure that the charging point itself also offers a high level of sustainability. Furthermore, the charging point is weather-resistant, shock-resistant and offers excellent fire resistance and high UV resistance.