Smart Ways to Antwerp

To encourage new mobility behaviour.


Name of agency
Leap Forward
Name of designer(s)
Leap Forward and i.s.m. Studio Hyperdrive
Name of company
Stad Antwerpen

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Antwerp is undergoing major infrastructure works that will are having a long-lasting impact on the city’s mobility. To inform people how they can move in and around the city, the City of Antwerp’s mobility team launched a Smart Ways to Antwerp campaign.

Antwerp set itself a clear goal with the Master Plan 2020, which stipulates that in 2020, half of all journeys in Greater Antwerp must take place using public transport, on foot or by bicycle. When a range of faster and more efficient modes of transport is available, people use the car less to get around. This is why on its website, application and route planner, the Smart Ways to Antwerp campaign focuses on combining car traffic, public transport, safe cycling networks and water transport.

The City of Antwerp presented the challenge of developing an accessible platform to the design agency Leap Forward, because of its expertise in user research and UX analysis.

Leap Forward set up user tests, which allowed city residents to explore the current website. In order to understand the citizen’s perspective better, Leap Forward took to the streets of Antwerp to interview people face to face. Leap Forward transferred the conclusions of this user survey to user-friendly, useful, information-architecture for the website, which was subsequently tested again and improved by diverse target groups.

The mobile application always keeps users up-to-date wherever they are thanks to real-time information presented in a highly accessible manner. The route planner is the first in the world to propose a smart combination of all available transport modes. Therefore, the Smart Ways to Antwerp platform is recognised as a best practice in the most prominent European cities.

The platform constantly evolves, just like the city. Employees of the City of Antwerp participated in a training course so they can work completely independently with the new content that has to be added to the website. It means they can continuously keep residents informed about roadworks or changes to their journey to Antwerp.