Name of agency
Studio Dott
Name of designer(s)
Suzan Bijloo and Jonas Callewaert
Name of company
Studio Dott / SportaMundi UGent / Sport Vlaanderen

in the category

Digital Product Award 2020

Movement and sports contribute strongly to the welfare of children. Also, young children do not move enough, despite the growing number of deals of sports and clubs. Often children and parents aren’t aware of the offers in the neighbourhood or don’t know which sport would fit them. When children choose the right sports, they will have more fun and will hold on to it for a longer time. This contributes to their wellbeing and a remaining healthy lifestyle. According to scientifically justified algorithms, SportKompas can choose the right sports at a young age (between 8 and 10 years old). Two sets were developed: I do and I like, where the preference and physical aptitude of the child are determined. The result is a suggestion of several sports. Test sessions are organized by cities and communities who want to commit to a sustainable sport policy, together with several primary schools.

During the development of SportKompas there was often an alignment with the various involved actors. The SportKompas experience has to be fun, stimulating, and not stigmatizing for the participating children, in this way they get enthusiastic about sport. The project was perceived as total experience, with storytelling, where every child is important. Animations were developed, starring the figure Sporti. These ensure the movements that are communicated in an abstract way, but also in a recognizable way without using a difficult language. The easier the app seems, the more difficult the algorithms are. SportKompas is thus the result of years of PhD research at the University of Ghent, in collaboration with College of Arnhem and Nijmegen for development of the algorithms. Also, with the development of the interfaces, researchers were involved. A smartphone application (with instructions) was developed to guide the tests, to make sure the test administration passed correctly and consistently.

In the end, each child gets a list with recommended sports together with some information for their parents. A digital platform brings all the information together, which is a treasure of information for the sports teacher, researchers and communities. In this way teachers can adjust their classes to the diversity of their class. Communities get insight in sports preferences and can adjust their offers to it. In the end, researchers get a bunch of new data to refine the algorithms and to become new insights. Finally, the platform succeeded to unite the various target groups (parents, children, sports teachers, communities and researchers) in a unique way and all of this integrated in the SportKompas total concept.