Stepladder, chair and coat stand, Studio Segers (Wim Segers & Bob Segers) for Younic


Name of agency
Studio Segers
Name of designer(s)
wim segers and bob segers
Name of company
118 x 40 x 53
massief eikenhout
houtverwerkende technieken
Partly by hand, partly industrial

Nominated for

Feel Good

Step Up is a multifunctional object. It is a stepladder, a chair and a coat stand all combined into a single sculpted form. Step Up is a bit of a maverick, but is also an expertly crafted piece of furniture made out of genuine solid oak and featuring authentic wood joints.

Step Up is part of a collection of tables and chairs produced by Younic, a Belgian studio dedicated to high-quality workmanship and artisanal design. Every piece of furniture is made by hand by dedicated and skilled craftsmen. It’s a home-grown business which cares about nature and sustainability in the broadest sense of the word.

Step Up is a multifunctional piece of furniture. It has been developed in response to the need to make out-of-arm’s-reach high wall units accessible and usable - a problem which arises with custom-made wall cabinets at ceiling height. However, Step Up is more than simply a mundane stepladder. Its consecutive legs serve as a grip, but also as a coat stand or hand-towel holder in a hall, bathroom or kitchen. It can also be used as a chair or child’s seat in the living room, or as a bedside table in a bedroom.