Studio AMA

Sustainable clothing according to circular, social and local principles.


Name of agency
Studio AMA
Name of designer(s)
Soraya Wancour and Eva Eyskens
Name of company
Studio AMA
volwassen lichaamsmaten
textiel gerecupereerd van de industriƫle afvalberg
Partly by hand, partly industrial

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Start-up Studio AMA was created as a lab for ethical fashion. Studio AMA strives to produce ethical fashion using circular and social principles. The raw materials used for the collection are waste materials from the local textile industry. The designs are adapted to suit the production capabilities within customisation companies. As a result, the added value of waste flows and social employment are bundled in a clothing line of sustainable clothes and a local value chain.

By making the value chain as transparent as possible, Studio AMA wants to provide consumers with insight into the steps taken before an item of clothing is introduced to the market. This means the consumer is also aware of the processes the item of clothing has been through and how much time and effort is involved in developing an ethical and sustainable piece of clothing. In addition, the consumer acquires greater insight into the imbalance between the low prices of the fast fashion industry compared with slow and ethical fashion. At the same time, he or she sees that there is an alternative to textile waste, mass production and social exploitation.

Each piece in the collection comes with a leaflet describing the origin of the piece, as well as instructions for washing and use.

Studio AMA mainly works with unconventional materials not commonly used in clothing (mattress covers, table linen, towelling, interior textiles, etc.) and consequently prioritises material research as the first step in the design process. The next step involves exploring the capabilities of the customisation company and only then does Studio AMA shape the production and aesthetics of the final prototypes.

Production partner Zonnehoeve Production from Eke is a customisation company that provides jobs for people who are disadvantaged on the labour market in an adapted, protected work environment. Studio AMA obtains its raw materials from the Flemish textile manufacturers Libeco, Annabel Textiles, Clarysse and Bekaert-Deslee. Together with Ecoso, a recycling store in Mechelen, Studio AMA also works with discarded clothing, which initially involves identifying the waste fabric that is still usable. This allows Studio AMA to avoid extracting new raw materials and producing additional CO2 emissions.