Toddler Zoo


Name of designer(s)
Christophe Todts
Name of agency
Next Apps
Name of company
Next Apps

in the category

Digital Product Award 2020

Toddler Zoo - Mix & Match is a funny and educational puzzler for toddlers, available in the Apple Store. Children learn in a playful way about animals, what they are called and what sound they make. They can try to find a specific animal or just be creative and build funny animals.

The designers of Next Apps designed Toddler Zoo together with their own children, but they set a goal to reach as many kids as possible in the world and to give them a beautiful digital experience. To empathize with them, in their way of thinking, seemed simple, but it wasn’t. To realize this project, little to no labels were used in the design, but everything is spoken in more than 20 languages. In this way, even the very youngest could work with it. To reach as many children as possible, Toddler Zoo has been developed for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, the most preferred medium for children.

With Toddler Zoo children learn to puzzle with animals, they can make thousands of combinations and they learn in a playful way. And this was the purpose starting from day one: creating something that was simple and timeless, something that excites children in a world where they are showered with expensive productions, often in 3D with special effects that distract them from the essence.

In the second version 15 new animals were introduced in 2018 and all of the animals were animated. Apple took this new version and it was featured in the App Store as Game of the Day, with a demo version in the physical Apple Store worldwide. Because of this recognition, the purpose to reach as many kids as possible was realised in one day. Meanwhile Toddler Zoo Demo has been played more than 70.000 times a month in all of the Apple Stores worldwide.