Combination door handle for dementia care


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Health & Wellbeing Award

Two is a door handle that requires an exact combination of two actions to operate it. A "hidden" button, which is incorporated in the design, must first be pressed before the latch itself can be turned down. The Two door handle prevents people with dementia who show erratic behavior from entering the rooms of other residents or leaving the department. These are the typical symptoms of wandering behavior in dementia. The combination door handle reduces the care task of the staff because people with dementia do not understand the double action needed to open the door.

The proper functioning of the Two door handle was proven during prototype testing in professional healthcare institutions. Personnel who were not informed about the use of the new latch did not succeed in entering the spaces where the new latch was installed.

Two can be transformed into a normal working latch without the double action, simply by pushing a peg in the internal mechanism before installation. In this way, all doors in a care center can be provided with the same door handles. The staff can choose which doors need the double action. Furthermore, the latch is available in a left and right version and can easily be mounted on the internal mechanism of existing doors.

Two is an initiative of pilipili products. Together with the healthcare sector, this Kortrijk based design office investigates the needs of people in need of care.