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Anita Kars
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Anita Kars
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wool and linen
Partly by hand, partly industrial

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Linen is a sustainable material that is part of our culture. It grows here, in our Flemish countryside. Kortrijk, situated on the banks of the River Leie, is steeped in the rich history of the linen and flax industry. Anita Kars, in association with Casalis, developed a rug in which the motif and the production method highlight the positive properties of linen and the negative is transformed into a positive. VLAS combines two sustainable materials: wool and linen. Both materials reinforce the other’s positive properties. Wool is voluminous with an intense colour. Linen has a brilliant lustre. The woollen yarn is sprinkle dyed, using a combination of four shades. No two threads are the same. The tufted, springy woollen fibre pushes the linen fibre up, so that it shines beautifully. The contrast in the colour and texture of the two materials is further emphasised by the motif: a line inspired by a dirt track in a landscape, after a photograph by Sarah Moon. A landscape filled with movement and repetition. A landscape that reflects the idiosyncrasy of the materials and the artisanal tufting process. VLAS is available in the original colour palette based on the colours of materials that are found in and around the house: wood, concrete, terracotta, plants, trees and daylight in all its aspects. Thanks to the colour pom box, which includes over 40 colours, the customer can also begin work on having a customised VLAS rug made, to suit his or her interior.