Johan Valcke

Johan graduated as an archaeologist/art historian from UGent in 1974 and worked for the Belgian government from 1975 to 1991 to organise the promotion of contemporary applied art in Flanders. In 1991 he federalised his service to the Flemish Government (Vlaams Instituut voor het Zelstandig Ondernemen- VIZO) and was appointed in 1991 by Minister Norbert De Batselier as director of the service, which became Design Flanders in 2004. With Design Flanders, he organised many exhibitions at home and abroad on applied art and design, published the magazine Kwintessens, founded the Design Flanders Gallery and the Henry van de Velde Prizes and Labels, as well as the prestigious exhibitions "Triënnales voor Design". Design Flanders was a platform where designers, companies and the public met. The organisation played an important leading role in the field of recognition and promotion of design, also internationally through the membership and the active role of Design Flanders (through membership of the Board of Directors) in World Crafts Council Europe and BEDA (Bureau of European Design Associations).
Johan is still a member of the advisory committee of the AGB (Autonomous Municipal Company) for SMAK, MSK and Design Museum Ghent, a member of the General Assembly of HISK, a member of the "Aankoopcommissie (na 1958)" of DIVA in Antwerp and finally a member of the Board of Directors of Kunst in Huis. His task there is to introduce certain forms of artisanal art into the collection of Kunst in Huis and the Kunstkoopregeling.  At the end of April he founded his gallery "Valcke Art Gallery" in Ghent. He shows contemporary art in ceramics, glass or crystal and silver.

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