Max Borka

Max Borka (°Belgium,1954) was mainly active as a teacher, journalist, radio producer and art critic, until he became director of the Interior Foundation in 1999. In this capacity, he organised two Interieur biennales, as well as Transit, a design trail through Brussels, and a forerunner of design Brussels, of which he was the artistic director from 2004 to 2007. He was the founder and first editor-in-chief of DAMn° magazine, and after settling first in Istanbul and later in Berlin, in 2011 he launched Mapping the Design World, an international research and action platform on social design. He also taught at the School of Arts/KASK in Ghent, La Cambre Brussels, and the Fachhochschule Potsdam/Berlin. He launched the travelling exhibition series New German Gestaltung, and curated exhibitions on themes such as design in Turkey (Spagat! Design Istanbul Tasarimi in the Marta Herford Museum, and Istanbul Alphabet in the Museum der Dinge Berlin), and design and violence (Brutal Beauty in the Marta Herford Museum). Later he founded state of DESIGN, BERLIN festival, and was director of the Berlin Design Week.  In 2017 he returned to Belgium to work on a doctorate and various other artistic and design projects. He stays in Ostend, and has twenty publications to his name.

Curator en Art critic