Design Solution Awards and categories?

In januari worden alle Henry van de Velde Nominees getoond in BOZAR

This summer, 206 products, projects and services with a Flemish link competed for the Henry van de Velde Design Solutions Awards. They participated in different categories: 

  1. Henry van de Velde OVAM Ecodesign PRO Award: a prize for designs or services which are created in accordance with the principles of eco design or have a positive effect on the environment.
  2. Henry van de Velde Efficiency Award: a prize for design solutions which reduce the cost of a product or service without reducing its quality.
  3. Henry van de Velde Life Quality Award: a prize for design solutions in private or public spaces which lead to new and better living, learning, working or recreational environments and improve the quality of life.
  4. Henry van de Velde Feel Good Award: a prize for design solutions which affect or stimulate people’s emotions in a surprising way.
  5. Henry van de Velde Communication Award: a prize for design solutions which improve or increase the legibility and/or comprehensibility of a product, concept, service or project.
  6. Henry van de Velde Better Health Award: a prize for design solutions which aid general wellbeing or a healthy body and healthy mind for all.
  7. Henry van de Velde Collectivity Award: a prize for design solutions which contribute to the collaborative economy and aid a better deployment of knowledge and resources (cooperation, sharing, hire, etc.).
  8. Henry van de Velde Design Research Award: a design prize for results resting on good (conceptual, material and technical) research and experimentation.

Design Vlaanderen composed a jury: Eveline Borgermans, Laure Capitani, Leen Creve, Stijn Debaillie, Kitty de Jong, Bernadette De Loose, Klara De Smedt, Evelyn Lafond, Sophie Lauwers, Giovanna Massoni, Kurt Vanbelleghem, Ellen Vandenbulcke, Heleen Van Loon and Saskia Westerduin.

25 Nominees were selected in 2 rounds. Most are nominated in 1 category, but some nominees turned out to be most relevant in different design domains. 

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