Introducing the winners of the Henry van de Velde Awards 2021!

These are the winners 2021

The Business Innovation Award showcases innovative devices, installations and systems in a professional context. The winners selected in this category are:

  • Nobi, a smart lamp that lightens the work of caregivers by taking over a number of tasks such as fall detection and pattern recognition. 
  • Aloxy Pulse, a revolutionary, wireless sensor that remotely monitors the status of valves and taps at petrochemical plants.  
  • Smappee EV Base, a charging solution that enables a number of electrical charging points to be combined with the energy requirements of an adjacent building.

The Climate Challenge Award honours holistic concepts that have a positive impact on the climate. This year, the prize winners include:

  • The ethical fashion concept of Studio AMA
  • BC materials with an ecological range of clay applications 
  • The resource map Circle Sector in which local, ecological materials are mapped out.

The Consumer Award rewards products related to lifestyle, food and leisure that make life easier for individuals. In this category the winners selected by the jury are:

  • Nobi, a smart lamp that lightens the work of caregivers by taking over a number of tasks such as fall detection and pattern recognition. 
  • The intuitive speed pedelec Ellio Elite
  • The wearable Lopos SafeDistance which accurately monitors the distance between two employees.

The Crafts by Bokrijk Award goes to useful products or objects that are elevated to a higher level thanks to design-driven craftsmanship. In this category were selected: 

  • The Lyne porcelain water jugs by Margot Thyssen 
  • The String instruments made from Flax
  • The Caméléon tapestries

The Digital Product Award goes to new or improved digital products integrating design in a strategical way. In this category we have 1 winner: Smart Ways to Antwerp (Slim naar Antwerpen), a campaign launched by Leap Forward and the corresponding app that aims to simplify the mobility puzzle faced by Antwerp citizens.


The Graphic & Communication Award honours a printed or digital product or system in which the form of communication or the communication carrier clearly offers added value. In this category the following projects were rewarded:

  • The philosophical picture book series for children Wijze Weetjes 
  • The graphic campaign for Horst Art & Music Festival
  • The graphic design for the cultural centre Pilar at the VUB.

The Habitat Award highlights products, services and systems for the home and work space. The three winners in this category are:

  • The multifunctional construction system ME&ER 
  • The Caméléon tapestries 
  • The rug VLAS

This year again, the Henry van de Velde Awards is showcasing projects, products and services that demonstrate the added value of design in its most varied aspects. The jury selected 17 winners from 198 submissions in seven categories. Each and every one a fine example of innovative, high-quality and inspirational design.
The public can now cast their vote and determine the winner of the Public Choice Award 2021.