MIDIS by Pieter-Jan Pieters (OWOW) now on sale!

MIDIS, Pieter-Jan Pieters, OWOW. Nu te koop!

Pieter-Jan Pieters (OWOW) won the Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award 16.

There no doubt about it. The MIDIS are impressive, both to the jury and the visitors of the Henry van de Velde Awards 16. They are wireless controlers, turning body movements into music.

In his own words: "The MIDIS 2.0 are all about physical control, with digital possibilities. The MIDIS 2.0 combine expressivity and the ability to add digital layers on top of your analog instruments, blending digital and analog."

After a very succesful crowdfunding campaign, OWOW has now produced the MIDIS and they can be bought by anyone. Go to Youtube or Facebook and discover the endless possibilities of the Wiggle, Drum, Wob and Scan!