These are the 2020 categories

Publiek bij de Henry van de Velde Awards 19. Foto Fille Roelants Photography

Every year, we evaluate the Henry van de Velde Award categories. Are all the aspects of design represented, do they show the largeness of the sector, will the excellence of design be clear based on the categories? The result: you can register your product, service or project for 2020 in 7 categories. Some designs can be relevant in several categories. Just explain the relevance per categorie. The jury makes the final decision in which categorie the design will be placed. 


the Edition 2020 categories


Business Innovation

A design prize for innovative machines, installations and tools, transport tools and automation systems, made to be used in the industries or professional surroundings such as medical care, construction, agriculture. The focus is on efficiency gains, dismountability, modularity, automation, new technologies, robotisation,...

This can include: machines (such as a loom), 3D printers and scanners, cleaning machines, detectors, hospital equipment, medical instruments, ladders, tractors.



A ​​​​​design prize for innovative and sustainable products, services and systems which are created by a multidisciplinary team as from the start of the design process and in which all possible stakeholders and users are involved in order to tackle a specific problem or more complex issues through co-creation. This ensures broadly supported solutions and innovations (including technological innovations). These bring change in the areas of health and well-being, sustainability, the environment, mobility, community and living.

This can include: computer applications, tools and products, as well as services and systems.



A design prize for end products that have a positive impact on the life of the individual. It makes life easier, it makes life better and they are developed for individual use and productivity, within the areas of lifestyle, work, nutrition, media and entertainment.
This can include: electronics and household appliances; tools and equipment for the house, garden, for leisure activities (sports equipment, musical instruments,etc.). 


Design-led Crafts

A design prize for a unique object or one produced in a limited run with an exceptional design and aesthetic, combined with excellent craftsmanship and an innovative use of materials, intended for consumers for whom sustainability, originality, exclusiveness, aesthetics and a high-quality finish are of paramount importance.

This can include: unique interior objects such as furniture, tableware, lighting fixtures, textiles, accessories, jewellery, etc.


Digital Product

A design prize for a new or improved digital product which gives the user experience a central role during the design and development process and which focuses on optimal seamless digital interaction with its users. The solution came about through a combination of design research together with service design and interface design. It uses new technologies across various carriers and platforms, and is also based on extensive user knowledge and business strategy. 

This can include: interactive websites, mobile applications, device interfaces, educational software, data visualisation and information architecture, etc.


Graphic & Communication

A design award for a new or improved product, service or system, printed or digital, in which a form of the communication or the communication medium brings evident added value and ensures clear communication that reaches its target group effectively.

This can include: the design of letters, books, catalogues, brochures, magazines and newspapers, announcements and posters, invitations, calendars, as well as illustrations, storytelling and infographics, web design and motion graphics, corporate identity, campaigns and signage.



A prize for products, objects, services and systems for the private space and living space as well as work space. 

This can include: in- and outdoor furniture; interior textiles; lighting; interior objects and tableware; indoor and outdoor joinery (and parts);  audio, TV and home entertainment; domotica systems. Just as office furniture, furniture for meeting rooms, receptions, waiting rooms, multimedia, office accessories, office chairs, office equipment, room dividers, shelfs,...

For every category entered a clear description must be given as to why the product, service or project has an impact, as a design solution, in this particular category now or in the future.


LOOKING FOR the category ecodesign? 

When the OVAM partnered up with the Henry van de Velde Awards, now more than 10 years ago, it was absolutely necessary to have ecodesign as an separate category within the awards, to give it the attention it needed. Nowadays, ecodesign has become mainstream, it has become a logical part of good design practice. In all submissions, ecodesign will be a criterium as part of the good design practice.

To keep inspiring, excellent ecodesign practices by designers or companies, will be, from 2020 onwards, rewarded with a Henry van de Velde Ecodesign by OVAM Award, given by the jury.