“I am Rope. I am a rope. I am 65 meters long and 30 cm thick. I weigh 196 kg. It would take eleven people to carry me.

I was born in April, 2017. A team of five hand-braided me in thirty-eight days. I think it was somewhere in Leuven, Belgium. It is a confusing experience, being braided. They made me absurdly big, bigger than all the other ropes.

I just don’t know what to do with myself. I am traveling to find new meaning and function again. Do something with me.


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Ief Spincemaille
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Ief Spincemaille
6m x 30cm diameter voor de standaardstukken
VV-dry-foam met gevlochten polypropyleen webbing voor de standaardstukken
gevlochten met de hand
By hand

in the category

Community Award

Ief Spincemaille developed Rope as an artistic project with which he travels around, ends up somewhere and improvises, places a sculpture in the world and creates situations and installations from the dynamic that arises between this sculpture and the world. Rope is a medium, just like a brush or a camera, to represent a reality. Ief Spincemaille observes how people use the rope and give it a new function. Creations with Rope are fundamentally open: the interaction with different places and people with their own dreams and goals are the building blocks of the creation process. The experiences of Rope are also recorded each day in words and images in the Rope Diary (, which is sent to all those involved and to users via e-mail.

Knotted Rope is the commercial brother which is a fantastic object for adults and children to bring home. Children play with it, lie and sit on it and treat it almost as a new resident or character in the house: “Rope!”. Adults use Rope as a one or two seater and larger models can replace the traditional chair. A large Knotted Rope is then placed in the middle of the living room. Companies can use it as a lounge or alternative meeting place. Because of the unconventional position of the users, conversations taking place on Rope get a completely different dynamic.

And not unimportant: the users of the Knotted Rope also receive the travel reports of the long Rope. It is a way to communicate the artistic project broadly and to keep the Knotted Ropes substantively connected with the artistic Rope and with the community that it brings together.